NYD 2017 Results

A total of 1375 ducks were sold


1st prize of £100 was won by 1014, "Is It Alive"owned by Steve Campion , from West Barkwith.

2nd prize of £50 went to duck number 731 "Forest" purchased by Dave Wild for Oliver Nash (grandson)

A 3rd prize of £25 was taken by 862 "Karen" owned by Dave Boyles from Osgodby

And £10 each went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Connor" (1277) Alison Sellars,

"Sonny"(1069) Marty Calvey

"Grace" (1231) Peter Appleyard

At the Nags Head the remaining prizes were boxes of biscuits, confectionary, wine or other beverage.

Draw winners are as follows

362, Steve Cartwright with his duck “Spanner”

710 Jenny Turner with “A duck”

1290, Mrs Creasey with “Peggy”

1044, Jude Johnson with “Maisy”

609, Chris Higgins with an unnamed duck

203, Lean Entwhistle with an unnamed duck

203, Leigh Dearden with “Paul”

896, Wendy Folgate with “Andy”

1081, Lindsay Willoughby with “Joyce”

559 Janet Westwood with “Buster Lou”

902, N.Seaton with “Red Duck”

899, Wendy Folgate with “Daisy”

The last 3 were minor cash prizes of £10, £10 and £5

1336, Tom Weeks duck “Ozil”;

724 Eli Williams duck “ Australia ”

1104 to Carol Sellars “Shep"