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1st prize of £100 was won by 893, "Hollie" a duck bought at the Nags Head and owned by Hollie Appleyard .

2nd prize of £50 went to duck number 1240"Rob" bought just before the race by Rob Pitman .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 791 "Ellie" owned by Ellie Carter .

And £10 each went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Trev" (1014) Trevor Williams,

"Poppy Duck "(1136) Midge Miller

"Tootes" (283) Mike Janney

After the race many of those who attended went to the Nags Head for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw for the other non-cash prizes. See all the winners below.

No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
895 Draw Jamie Jamie Appleyard Bottle wine
525 Draw Red Jamie Watson Bottle wine
1293 Draw Jacob Jeeves Family Bath set
985 Draw The Woodman Peter Appleyard Set of cake tins
711 Draw Doggie Rosie Dawson Jelly Babies
536 Draw Bobby Eveline Jennings Biscuits
757 Draw Happy Feet John Taylor Picture
1266 Draw Seanie Duck Sue Dingwall Cherries in spirit
1060 Draw Richie Macey Hazel Charlie Perfume
1161 Draw Tom co D Pattison Bottl;e wine
741 Draw Miko Ken Rylatt L. Allsorts
132 Draw Jupiter Heather Bacon Lindt Chocs
577 Draw Dolly Val Bradford Belgian Chocs
538 Draw Titus A Andy Blago Chanel No 5
436 Draw Peaches and Cream Chris Janney Cake pots set
791 Draw Sherry Jamie Coggan Bike lights
603 Draw Duck Me Ed Bates Bottle wine
704 Draw Irleen Graham Spencer Bottle wine
1221 Draw Rodders Morfitt Family Beaded Bag
1026 Draw Cyril Dave Stanley Bottle wine
267 Draw Charlie Rosemary Anderson Bottle port
262 Draw Rufus Karen Bradford Photo frames
301 Draw Theobald Zoe Nash Bottle wine
606 Draw Duck You Charlie Bates Bottle wine
725 Draw Timber Peter Appleyard Bottle wine
1224 Draw Sammy K Borst Bottle wine
1041 Draw Grace Jill Bura Bottle wine
1051 Draw B11 3ND Dave Lee Milk Tray Chocs
750 Draw Louis Carol Sellers Bottle wine
756 Draw Sandra Steve Bierlein Bottle wine
380 Draw Piggs Jason Winter Bottle wine
201 Draw Dorethy Ella Lee Beer
80 Draw Dolly Bird Kathleen Smith Bottle wine
801 Draw Donald Adie Turner Bottle wine
545 Draw Jeffrey Duck Jeffrey Skerrett Thornton's Chocolates
900 Draw Wendy Wendy Folgate Biscuits
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