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1st prize was £100 was won by 795, a duck with an established maritime provenance "Horatio 3 " owned by Alan Read .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 375 "Walnut" owned and trained by Julia & Rob Weeks .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 728 "Tricky Ricky " reared by Rick Baker .

And £10 each went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Little Lisa " (1083) Lisa Brumpton,

"Nemo"(254) Aaron Wells

"Cleverly" (88) Joe Lawson

After the race many of those who attended went to the Nags Head for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw for the other non-cash prizes. See all the winners below.

No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
Horatio 3 Alan Read
Walnut Julia & Rob Weeks
Tricky Ricky Rick Baker


last 3
Little Lisa Lisa Brumpton
last 3
Nemo Aaron Wells
last 3
Cleverly Joe Lawson
485 Draw
After event draw
Steve Wright Hamper
212 Draw Alan Salmon Wine
1195 Draw Phil Westerman Wine
695 Draw June Clark Scholl Foot Comforter
715 Draw Jacko Wine
660 Draw Bradley Allen Jelly Babies
954 Draw Lawrence Grant Continental Chocs
696 Draw Rebecca Clark Chocolate Fingers
657 Draw Rasebrook Farm Irish Cream
922 Draw David Grant Wine
976 Draw John Johnson Fruit Basket
354 Draw David Brown Famous Grouse
1244 Draw Trevor Tripp Cava
411 Draw Dale Kennedy Wine
193 Draw Martin Lawton Rum
438 Draw Ian Hardcastle After Eights
1126 Draw Carole Sellars Fleece
639 Draw Kim-Marie Mason Biscuits
529 Draw Mrs Fielder Bells Whiskey
238 Draw Tom Bradford Mulled Wine
925 Draw Jamie Redding Blanket
1123 Draw Bob Felton Candle
515 Draw Jane Thompson Perfume
501 Draw John Challand Quiz Game
155 Draw David Alltoft Chocolates
456 Draw Lucy Kelsey Chocolates
1119 Draw Carole Sellars Purse
1175 Draw Peter Codd Umbrella
1229 Draw Andrew Cox Storage Jar
247 Draw Richard Boryszczuk Key Purse
813 Draw Mike Steed Timer
1220 Draw David Bennett Frog Solitaire
620 Draw Louise Brown Diary
910 Draw R Burguess Book
1216 Draw Dave Bennett Child's Book
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