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Results for 2012 NYD Race

1st prize was £100 was won by 826, the aptly named "Daffy" owned by the Jade Pennell .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 645 "Chip" owned by Fola a student at De Aston School .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 1056 "Cornish Crock " owned by Roy Tilley .

And £10 each went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Damian" (982) Liam Oxley,

"Sparkey Duck "(130) John Stead

"Megan" (578) Mike Olds .

After the race many of those who attended went to the Nags Head for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw. There were a wealth of other prize gifts from chocolates, wine and giftware see all the winners below.

No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
Daffy Jade Pennell
Chip Fola
Cornish Crock Roy Tilley


last 3
Damian Liam Oxley
last 3
Sparkey Duck John Stead
last 3
Megan Mike Olds
After event draw
87 Draw Where's Wally Louise Barton Wine
479 Draw George IV Jenny Maxey Wine
760 Draw Alfie 2 John Harris Gift
236 Draw Cutie Pie Joel Markham Spirits
206 Draw Raspie Duck Martin Lawton Wine
303 Draw The Winning Duck Darren Oglow Biscuits
199 Draw David Joyce Heath Biscuits
529 Draw Carol Carol Robinson Game
278 Draw Bridgie Mike Bridgewater Spirits
704 Draw Tomato Jackie Seiff Fruit basket
676 Draw Oliver Gareth Williams Game
616 Draw Jemima Nichola Johnson Classic Games
1158 Draw Robbie 2 Rob Clark Chocolate Fingers
1151 Draw Schredded Lawrence Bush Biscuits
311 Draw Bill Platypus Senta Martin Chocs
285 Draw Eddie Dave Sellers Chocs
954 Draw Dandy D. Cram Biscuits
508 Draw Canaries Andy Quinlan Chocs
427 Draw Nick Clegg Renate & Peter Adamczyk-Haswell Kite - gifted to Posse youth grp
745 Draw Lawrence L. King Book
1040 Draw Grandad Duck Paul Gerrard Cricket bat and ball
1075 Draw Shaun Simon Rogers DVD set
1053 Draw Stephen Sausage Jed Fenn Game
161 Draw - Neil Daff Cuddly Toy
866 Draw G'Daffy Ivan Nash Biscuits
707 Draw Emanuel Ella Lee Cuddly Toy
720 Draw The Secretary Jenny Reeves Matchmakers
352 Draw - Ron Bates Scented Candle
491 Draw Mr Duck Neil Cook Lamp
519 Draw Jusus James Quinlan Note Pad
418 Draw David Cammeron Peter & Renate Adamczyk-Haswell Handbag - gifted
1068 Draw Ace Duck Mrs Fielder Toy Car
618 Draw Eider Billy Prince Mug
561 Draw Fergie Darren Salmon Soap
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