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Results for 2011 NYD WINTER Race

1st prize was £100 was won by722, the aptly named "Ice Duck " owned by the David Pattison .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 110 "Oliver" owned by Gareth Williams .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 37"Walter" owned by Paul Hazel .

And £10 vouchers went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Who gives a " (808) Rob Clark,

"Andy"(553) Andrew Leeman

"Rear Gunner " (91) Mark Stephenson .

After the race many of those who attended went to the Church Hall for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw. There were a wealth of other prize gifts from chocolates, wine and giftware see all the winners below.

Runners Up

No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
Ice Duck David Pattison
Oliver Gareth Williams
Walter Paul Hazel


last 3
Who give a Rob Clark
last 3
Andy Andrew Leeman
last 3
Rear Gunner Mark Stephenson
After event draw
1091 Draw Trevor Mrs Trevor Smellies
693 Draw The Bowler Pete Salmon Glasses
1055 Draw Pepper Glen Friend Teddy Bear
1073 Draw Un-named Duck Allison Sellars Dinner Set
984 Draw Black Pudding Doug Orr Fosters
426 Draw Truck Duck James Pearson Stella
576 Draw Mrs Bates Nancy Bates Mints
1099 Draw Trev Jo Potter Cadbury Fingers
446 Draw Rover & Out J&A Ashworth Smellies
1007 Draw Quack Mobo Barbara Allen Biscuits
1090 Draw Luigi Kev keyworth Biscuits
265 Draw Richie Rich Richard Bailey Wine
957 Draw Pullar P Krakow Wine
769 Draw Oscar Tony McGinty Bird Feeder
871 Draw Cod Roe Anon 07838373812 Biscuits
339 Draw Wragby Ram H Grant Wine
869 Draw F.u.k.a Gwyenth (Nags Head) Perfume
826 Draw Duckula Rhiama Clark Chocs
311 Draw Our Babs Rose Cole China
93 Draw Leeds United Sam Brumpton Toffee
7 Draw Ice Bound Alister Upton Cava
455 Draw Ayup Sue Blakemore Makeup
152 Draw Mario Evan Dawson Art Set
599 Draw Pitt Doggy Tom Pitman Wine
277 Draw Lazy Ducker Roger and Nicki Cosmetics
904 Draw Jake Phil 0794185297 Thornton Chocs
11 Draw MCI Matthew Clark Smellies
870 Draw Coddy & Fish Anon 07838373822 Clock
778 Draw Wench Jill & Jeff Stevenson Wine
209 Draw Fresher Ben Cartwright Book
442 Draw Poppy Josh Popplewell Mug set
527 Draw Team Duck via Maz Indiana Jones
1052 Draw Tom Tom Rowland Scented Candle
630 Draw Stinky Dale Kennedy Gift
682 Draw Duck George Fussey Vase
316 Draw The Mighty Duck David Haige Body Prep
896 Draw Paula Dicanio Scottie 07523983555 Sweets
1019 Draw Mary Vander Miller Mince Pies
646 Draw Nicola Jan & John Wooley Mince Pies
226 Draw Korma Brian Hills Photo Frame
1064 Draw Quintoplets Mr Borst Hand Wash
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