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Results for 2010 NYD WINTER Race

1st prize was £100 was won by 915 "Haggis" owned by the Douglas Orr .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 472 "Sargeant Scarley " owned by Warwick Cairney .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 384 "10.5 Tog " owned by Senta Martin .

And £5 went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Douglas" (517) Alex Northern,

"For Ducks Sake"(825) Abigail Reece and

"Crispy" (112) Graham Dixon .

After the race many of those who attended went to the Church Hall for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw. There were a wealth of other prize gifts from chocolates, wine and giftware see all the winners below.

Runners Up for 2010 WINTER

No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
Haggis Douglas Orr
Sargeant Scarley Warwick Cairney
10.5 Tog Senta Martin


last 3
Douglas Alex Northern
last 3
For Ducks Sake Abigail Reece
last 3
Crispy Graham Dixon
After event draw
272 Draw UFO Richard McCarty Bottle of Carver
608 Draw The Bowler Rose Witlock Bath Balls
798 Draw Quackerty Jones Andrew Blagorovytch Mirror & Case
381 Draw Precious Peter Gittins Bottle of Wine
588 Draw Micky Fay Robinson Chocs
97 Draw Rocket Ian Smart Bottle of Wine
416 Draw Boris Kerry Longmate Shower Products
548 Draw Weezie Karen Bradford Bottle of Wine
132 Draw Thai Duckie Jeff Forbes Bottle of Wine
649 Draw Howdie Owdie James Widdison Screen Wash
439 Draw Princess Duck Kirsty Miller Britany's Autobiog
600 Draw Jimmy Jim Friend Clock
992 Draw Kevin Will 849890 Lamp
12 Draw Millie Katie Johnson Bath Set
635 Draw Strangbo Chris Priestly Luxury Biscuits
497 Draw Albert Sue Cragg T - Allgold
327 Draw Scoda Duck James Cole Luxury Biscuits
904 Draw Peg Leg P. Willerton Bird Feeder
684 Draw Sumo Quacker Mark Evans "House" DVD
850 Draw Duck Soup Keith Borst Glass Vase
109 Draw Splash Kerry (Ringway) Sundrey items
668 Draw Pip Maz Gel Set
419 Draw Skinny Philippa Clark Gift Item
991 Draw Donald Jane849890 Smellies
627 Draw Rookey Carl Harriman Jigsaw
539 Draw JD Dan Northern Bottle of Wine
665 Draw Late Again Stephen Boryczcuk Jigsaw
393 Draw Moose Heather (LCC) Perfume
907 Draw Poppy Mrs Knowles Cosmetic Set
727 Draw Capt Prue Renarte Haswell Sundrey Gift
409 Draw Tesco Duck Ros Thompson Bak-Pac
62 Draw Eyup Duck Jane Lloyd Mug Set
707 Draw Riddle in Middle Marion Riddle Kamu Cosmetics
117 Draw Leyland D Michael Bailey Bottle of Wine
481 Draw Waddle Rosie Dawson Lamp
720 Draw Bobby Robert Popplewell Light Fitting
924 Draw Nemo Pete Dawson Gift Item
296 Draw Steven Charlotte Harris Perfume
590 Draw Maisy Carl Robinson Model VWcar
495 Draw Saucey Sue Sue Bates Handbag*
28 Draw Bodrum B. Hills Vase
364 Draw Fluffy Marie (LCC) Scented Wax*
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