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Results for 2009 NYD WINTER Race

1st prize was £100 was won by 333 "Love Doctor " owned by the Dan Roberts .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 934 "Dan" owned by Jenny Reeves .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 1007 "Penelope" owned by Abigail Reece .

And £10 went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

Fred (384) Stephen Morris,

TestF (957) Neil H and

A Duck (833) Square Bar .

After the race many of those who attended went to the Church Hall for a warming drink, a mince pie and to watch the draw. There were a wealth of other prize gifts from chocolates, wine and giftware - check the winners below.


No. Position Duck's Name Owner Prize
Love Doctor Dan Roberts
Dan Jenny Reeves
Penelope Abigail Reece


last 3
Fred Stephen Morris
last 3
TestF Neil H
last 3
A Duck Square Bar Customer
After event draw
225 Draw   Rob. Weekes Teddy Bear
392 Draw   Julia Harrington Bath Set
015 Draw Maz Colin Brumpton Bottle of Wine
882 Draw Square Bar Bottle of Wine
327 Draw Caretaker Duck Rosie Dawson Port and Stilton
795 Draw Duck Soup N. Bates Scented Candle Lamp
783 Draw Jude F.Soar Dinner Set
610 Draw Bess Carole Sellars Electric Oven
637 Draw Elsie-c David Lawe Leather Wallet
296 Draw Arthur Mallard Jane Hobbs Chocolates
631 Draw Jill J Guild Sparkling Bath Oils
849 Draw   Square Bar Wine Challenge
404 Draw United Phil Dawson Party Pack
490 Draw Quack-Quack J Grant Tool Carousel
1052 Draw Harvey Lilly Flack Cosmetics Set
444 Draw Chris Potter Pickled Walnuts
675 Draw Jill Joe Lawson Heroes
547 Draw Jessicas Duck Tony Flack Headphones
247 Draw Got the Flu Geoff Pennell Halogen Spots
224 Draw Rob Weekes Candle
684 Draw Advocate Arms Customer Notelets
505 Draw China Duck Elaine Jennings Country Diary - Book of Flowers
229 Draw Steve Cartwright Chocolate Mallows
634 Draw Matthew Fisher Table Cloth
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MIDDLE RASEN DUCK RACE ~ Summer event July2008 Results

The winner of the first race, the Power Clean Steaks "was number 3 “Spotless” owned by Julia Salmon.


Race 2 the “MOT Stakes”,

Winner - duck 3 “Trolley Jack” owned by Alan Cottingham


Race 3 “Refrigeration Stakes”

Winner - duck 1 “Ice Maiden” owned by Brian Clark


Race 4 “Salmon Stakes”

Winner - duck 3 “Bricks and Mortar” owned by Steve Cartwright


Race 5 “PYO Stakes”

Winner - duck 4 “Pick Your Own” owned by Jack Robinson


Race 6 “Chairman's Sprint”

Winner - duck 5 “Super Sapper” owned by Furz Lloyd


Race 7 the “Ledger Stakes”

Winner – duck 2 “Profit and Loss” owned by Richard Marshall


The final race 8 was an “Auction Handicap “

Winner – duck 6 “Lucky Quacker” owned by Richard Marshall