Sunday 1st January 2017

This year the rain was forecast, but the event did not disappoint even if we all got a little wet!

The club launched 1400 ducks, which is the largest number in the events history. As in earlier years Duck Race prizes are funded by sponsors, so that the expenses incurred managing and facilitating our league cricket team in the coming season will be met by the sum raised from you, by your generous purchase of a yellow plastic duck for the short life of the event. Thank you.

Despite the weather it was very pleasing to see the large turn out, with bridges packed by spectators watching the off from Low Church Road and again at the finish bridge, in Church Street . We held 60 ducks back for people to buy at the start but they were soon gone and, unfortunately, one or two regular “duck” customers were disappointed.

With the light rain the Rase was running slightly faster than last year, but still navigable for ducks and safe for the duck catchers scooping them from the river at the end. Three ducks clearly led the pack at the start and under the first bridge, but it was not obvious at that stage which ducks they were. Eyes strained to see, but each has a tiny numbered collar for identification purposes and, baring some pretty sophisticated viewing equipment, there is little hope of knowing which duck is where, until they arrive at the finish and are plucked out of the river.

Ducks were followed from the river bank for around 300 – 400 meters, until they went out of sight behind the houses adjacent to the river on Dovecote. This year the fist ducks appeared at the finish and passed under the bridge by 12.30, see a damp Miss Ziva Chiltern proudly displaying the winners. However, it was another 30 minutes before the last 3 ducks would be collected at the finish.

Click to view 2017 results

Middle Rasen Cricket and Association FC wish to thank you all for your support over the years and enabling the village to be represented in sport across the county of Lincolnshire


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Friday 1st January 2016

New Years Day 2016 saw the biggest entry with the largest attendance and highest number of ducks bought.

An unusually mild spell has lasted until new years day when we saw an overnight frost, first thing. However, there was no risk from ice and the weather remained fine and dry, with the largest crowd ever arriving before noon to see the start of the race. Fortunately David Pattison had some extra ducks available for anyone who needed to make a last minute purchase. At the off, the Rase went yellow with 1375 plastic ducks.

Spectators and duck owners cut through the village, or followed the race along the banks of the Rase, to the next bridge at Naylors Drive. Andy Quinlan stood guard in the river to catch and identify the first three ducks to reach his bridge. One particular duck had made extrordinary progress at the front and was followed at some distance by the yellow hoard. Unfortunately the clear leader, having escaped all snags before him or her on its way down stream, was caught at the very last moment by reads before the finish. His plastic body then safely blocked the troublesome reads, and the following 3 ducks, Nemo, Dan and Comet, took the bigger money prizes.

The last 3 ducks, Schmeichel, Alister and Donald, were safely lifted from the very back of the pack by Gary Dawson at the end of the race.

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They're Off

In the water at the Church Road Bridge waiting to catch the winning duck.

Thursday 1st January 2015

Crowds in good spirits once again gathered at the bridge on Low Church Road for the start, as the last duck available was sold to Mr Parry on the Bridge

After a cold snap the weather turns milder and the river runs fast reducing the normal 20 minute run to 15 !

Winners and losers gather for a group photo. Well done to all the winners, who this year were – Hollie Appleyard, Rob Pitman and Ellie Carter

The race helped to raise nearly £1300 for the Middle Rasen Cricket & Football Club.

<< For other winners and prizes see NYD 15 results>>

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Wednesday 1st January 2014

At 12 noon on New Year's Day, it was certainly weather for the Ducks. Earlier in the morning there was just the threat of rain, but the forecast was quite clear, storms were on the way from the west. As the signs for the event were put out we wondered how the Rase would be affected by the promised rain. The ducks are ok with torrents, but not so the team putting them in the river or collecting them at the finish.

Well, despite the rain a very large crowd turned out to see the start and follow the ducks to the next bridge. The water ran well, but, because the Rase was fairly deep, the ducks took the usual 20 to 30 minutes for the trip.

The winning duck was well in front of the pack and there was no dispute regarding the order of the first 3 who came unimpeded across the finish line where Colin Pitman called the numbers. And it was great to know that Vanda Miller's winning duck "Mary Duck", was bought on-line via this site.

As the last 3 passed under the bridge on Church Street , there was a steady move from spectators to the Nags Head where hot mulled wine and mince pies were consumed as the remaining prizes were being drawn.

In total 1180 ducks were sold. Pete Dawson expects to clear £1000 in funding which will support Cricket and Football in the village for 2014. The organisers and team members thank everyone for turning up, for buying a duck and/or taking part.

Pete Dawson (chair), and those recovering ducks from the river Rase, came into the Nags Head after the event. All had changed clothing completely. Having been in the river and soaked through with the rain, they got really cold and looked like they had been swimming, not wading, whilst collecting and bagging up the yellow plastic ducks as the race came to an end.

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Colin Pitman and visitors have winning smiles for the winning ducks. (photo with permission)

Middle Rasen Football and Cricket club held its famous Duck Race once again on New Year's Day. As usual we started 12 noon sharpe (actually 3 minutes late) at Parry's bridge on Low Church Road and finished 18 minutes later when the winning duck passed under the bridge on Church Street next to Naylor's Drive.

Despite a bright day and fast flowing current the last ducks were somewhat slower and Pete spent some time following the tardier ducks on their journey to the finish.

The club would like to thank all those taking part. Net total raised from the 2013 Duck Race was £1215

With excellent weather, clear skies and bright sun, the 2013 NYD event was so well attended that the few Ducks left for visitors were sold before the race start. Unfortunately, a few people were unable to buy a duck on the day.

1st prize £100 was won by 795 "Horatio III " owned by Alan Read . Second prize £50 went to duck number 375 "Walnut" and 3rd prize of £25 went to 728 "Tricky Ricky "

£10 each went to owners of the last 3 duck

After the race, we had the draw in the Nags Head Public House. For details of all 2013 prize winners, including the draw above click here

"Waiting for Noon ", "Proud Horatio" and "Pete follows the flock" above, are from photos supplied by kind permission of Catherine Fussey



Sunday 1st January 2012

Above we see Cian Friend with his mum having just started the 2012 Middle Rasen Duck Race from Parry's Bridge. Spectators followed the ducks progress from the road side and on the banks of the Rase. Cian had duck number 1153 "Cow Duck" which, despite his best efforts, did not benefit from the excelent honking on the starter's hooter.

The results of the 2012 race are as follows:-

1 st prize was £100 was won by 826, the aptly named "Daffy" owned by the Jade Pennell . Second prize of £50 went to duck number 645 "Chip" owned by Fola a boarding student from De Aston School . A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 1056 "Cornish Crock " owned by Roy Tilley .

And £10 each went to owners of the last 3 ducks, "Damian" (982) Liam Oxley, "Sparkey Duck" (130) John Stead "Megan" (578) Mike Olds .

Colin Pitman and Alan Pennell with some children showing off Ducks from the race.

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This year (2012) had a massive sale of ducks before the event. All 1200 ducks were sold and the few ducks held back for the start sold within minutes. Unfortunately people who had hoped to buy on the bridge may have been dissapointed, but it is not possible to launch more ducks than we did today.

After the icy and snowy conditions of both 2009 and 2010 New Years Days, the 2012 duck race got off to a lot milder start, the turn out of people was lovely to see and everyone was in good spirits.
With the flow of the river being quite slow it gave everyone time this year to get to Church st bridge to see the winning ducks come over the finish line, a big cheer went up when they appeared round the last corner.
Everyone then went this year to the Nags Head pub for refreshments and the raffle, the bar staff were kept very busy. There were lots of raffle prizes and lots of smiling faces. Happy New Year to all.

Pictures and words by Angela Mayne

After the race, helping with the draw in the Nags Head Public House. For details of all 2012 prize winners, including the draw above click here


Saturday 1st January 2011

David Pattison (winner)stands with Colin Pitman and some of children visiting the Middle Rasen especially for the race.

Right Picture >>>>>>>>>>

1st prize was £100 was won by722, "Ice Duck " owned by the David Pattison .

Second prize of £50 went to duck number 110 "Oliver" owned by Gareth Williams .

A 3rd prize of £25 went to duck number 37"Walter" owned by Paul Hazel .

<< For other winners and prizes see results>>
And £10 vouchers went to owners of the last 3 ducks,

"Who gives a " (808) Rob Clark,

"Andy"(553) Andrew Leeman

"Rear Gunner " (91) Mark Stephenson .

"Rear Gunner" was the Last Duck Home!


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The event organizers are pleased with the turn out, it was a wintery day but numbers were high again and all ducks were sold giving us a prompt start. The race was so fast that Colin Pitman (race marshall) only just made it to collect and declare the winning Duck "Ice Duck" owner by David Pattison.

After the race refreshments of mince pies, tea, coffee and mulled wine were provided by committee members in the Church Hall, thank you. In the hall the remainder of the prizes were drawn.

All 2011 photographs by kind permission of Angela Mayne




Low Church Road Bridge as vistors arrive in bright sunshine after a light covering of snow overnight.

A few hardy duck race followers leave the road to track the 1000 yellow plastic ducks as they meander around the village

Spectators assemble at Church Road bridge ready for the winning ducks.

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Friday 1st January 2010


Les & Angela Mayne's visual report on the Duck Race

What a lovely crisp snow covered winters day we had for this year's famous New Year duck race. Crowds in good spirits once again gathered at the bridge on Low Church Road for the start, which this year was very near on time.

Despite the freezing temperatures leaving the roads covered in ice, the river Rase was flowing quite fast. Consequently, the ducks set off at quite a good pace, which meant that the crowds following their progress had to walk a bit faster. By the time the ducks arrived at the finish line, the bridge on Church street , a good crowd had gathered to cheer on the winners. Even though we failed to win again, it was a very enjoyable day, especially as everyone soon warmed up with wine and mince pies at the church hall afterwards.

Well done to all the winners, who this year were – Doug Orr with ‘Haggis', Warwick Cairney with ‘Sargeant Scarley' and Senta Martin with '10.5 Tog'. The race helped to raise nearly £1000 for the Middle Rasen Cricket & Football Club.


The event organizers are pleased with the turn out with around 1000 ducks sold and most of the village and its young people plus a fair number of visitors attending to spectate the event.As the photos show, it was a bright day that benefited from a light crisp covering of snow which appeared overnight.

There were no mishaps, although Pete Dawson, who followed the Ducks releasing errant birds from the bankside weeds, was rather cold having been wading the water for over 45 minutes.

After the race it was straight to the Church Hall for light (hot) refreshments ....... mince pies, tea, coffee and mulled wine. And in the hall the remainder of the prizes were drawn.

<< For other winners and prizes see NYD 10 results>>



Thursday 1st January 2009

Colin Pitman stands with Louise and Abigail Reece from Ashford in Kent and Dan Roberts with the 1st and 3rd placed ducks.
Dan's duck "Love Doctor" won him £100 this year and "Penelope" netted £25 for her owner Abigail.

<< For other winners and prizes see NYD 09 results>>

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Rob Parry is seen here in a valiant effort to improve chances for the slower ducks but the leaders are already well under the bridge. Abigail and her mum, Louise, try to see where "Penelope" is in the throng but it must have been leading with Jenny Reeves duck "Dan" and Dan Roberts duck "Love Doctor" by then.

The event organizers are pleased with the turn out, it was a pretty cool and over caste day but numbers were high and the start of the race was delayed to allow an extra 100 ducks to be entered for the benefit of those who had not been able to buy their duck before the event.

After the race refreshments of mince pies, tea, coffee and mulled wine were provided by committee members in the Church Hall, thank you. In the hall the remainder of the prizes were drawn. Pictured left are Thirzah and Elaine Jennings walking home after the draw, Elaine is showing her gift won by "China Duck"



Saturday 12th July 2008

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The Middle Rasen Summer “Duck Race”, held to raise funds for the village Cricket and Football Teams had the benefit of some fine “seasonal” weather for their evening event on Saturday 12 th July 2008.

The first race of the meeting “Power Clean Stakes”, was away smartly at 5.30pm. A total of 26 (win only) bets were placed on the 6 competing ducks. The race was fairly fought with the course marshal, Furz Lloyd, offering a splash by splash commentary on the sound system. As in all races, Pete Dawson was at the rear to ensure even the less reliable decoys got in safely.

The winner of the first race was number 3 “Spotless” owned by Julia Salmon. See Results of the other 7 races


A total of 350 “win” bets were placed during the event and there were a total of 54 successful punters sharing the winnings.


The event organisers are pleased to say that the evening was a success and it raised £304.20 for the local teams. The members of the Middle Rasen Cricket and Association Football Club thank Sponsors and organisers for putting on an entertaining sporting family evening with refreshments for the village and visitors alike.


Monday 1st January 2007 NYD 2007

This year the race was in perfect weather and under a blue sky with the river running well a 1000 ducks were released at Parrys Bridge at 12 noon. Groups of spectators and duck owners followed the race along the banks of the Rase to the next bridge at Naylors Drive. As the yellow plastic hoard appeared near the finishing line they were seeen to be pushing some 20 wild ducks forward toward the marshalls waiting to net the numbered mass. Avian panic ensued and the mullards being trapped between the two unknowns took to the air in frenzied flight as the first 3 ducks, 291 "Colin's Day ", 824 "Via Duck" and 710 "Mother" crossed the line. Very dramatic and difficult to stage, so much so that most of us missied Colin Pitman, the race organiser who had over stretched, tumbling into the river. A good photo if any one got it!

Full Results >>>>>


1.Checking off the Ducks

2. They are away

3. Following the race

4. Wild ducks trapped

5 Final results

6. Rick and Allison are awarded their prises by at very wet Colin Pitman.

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The Middle Rasen Cricket and Association Football Club hold a duck race twice a year. The New Year's Day event, being a high spot in the Winter social calendar for the village and team supporters. Sponsoring a duck (yellow plastic and launched onto the river Rase) costs the owner just £1. With around a £100 as the first prize and sundry other prizes for the runners up and of course one for the last ducks. Its a fun event with a chance of winning something.

Monday 1st January 2007


Saturday July 1st 2006

This Summer's Duck Race was on Saturday 1st July with the first race at 6pm. Entry was free and all were welcome at the Middle Rasen playing fields. A choice of freshly prepared refreshments were available , all modestly priced. The weather was excellent and went some way toward comforting those who lost (and England demise in the world cup as the first race started too!). Pic-nicking families watched events unfold as complex bets were placed on what were most unpredictable ducks.


2006 New Years Day, groups assemble before the start in Low Church Road

There was a mad rush for ducks ate the road side, with Colin Pitman selling an additional 85 over the 1000 sold prior to the event, see picture top left.

With the weeks snow still melting off the Wolds, the Rase was too fast, deep, cold and traitorous to allow the safe recovery of the ducks named and taking part. However, the adjacent Brimmer Beck, being only a 100 yards further down Low Church Road, was quickly established as the race venue. The Beck Bridge in Low Church Road was the ideal meeting place and view point for a launch on the Rase's tributary.

Pictures left -

The group watch the preparation and release up stream, 1000 ducks

The finish was then set twenty minutes down steam before Brimmer Beck reached the swollen Rase. The whole race was able to be followed on foot by the many locals and visitors who came to witness the event.

Watched closely as they pass under the bridge at Low Church Road.

This year New Year's Day was a Sunday, so after Sunday service, Linda Patrick with her husband, the reverend Charles Patrick and family were surprised to see "Peking Duck", their duck number 800, going under the bridge toward the finish leading 556 and 265. Charles, the vicar of St's Peter & Paul Church came down in time to watch one family investment maintain its position and the three ducks stay just clear of the field. Needless to say with divine guidance the positions held.

Below, at Middle Rasen Church Hall other prizes are drawn

Bottom Left - The 3 leading ducks approach those waiting at the finish.


Ducks on the River Rase thought they had gone quackers when a fleet of yellow plastic ducks invaded their space. The New Year revelry in Middle Rasen involved 970 plastic ducks being released in a money spinning exercise. Previously it had been cancelled - because there was too much water in the river.

Helen Pitman said that £775 had been raised for the Middle Rasen Football and Cricket Club from the sale of 970 ducks at £1 a piece. The £100 winner was K Stead's duck, S Harley gets £75 for coming in second and a duck bought by the barber family was third for £50. There were 27 other prizes and thanks to an anonymous donor three prizes of £10 were given to the last three ducks. Mrs Pitman said the committee thanked sponsors the Nags Head, Nigel Appleyard, Joe Lawson, Rasen Appliance Services and Park View Motors and all supporters.

In addition £165 was raised for the tsunami disaster appeal through the sale of mince pies, mulled wine and cookies baked by Tom Pitman - plus a donation from the football and cricket club.

2005 event report kindly provided by Jason Hippisley, Market Rasen Mail

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